106 – World War 3 – does US agriculture benefit?


grain bargeIn both World War 1 and World War 2 American agriculture had very profitable times.  We had to because we were feeding the whole free world.  Now if World War 3 comes along won’t the same thing happen?

No, not in my opinion.  American agriculture is very export dependent and it is very possible we would be at war with some of our best customers.

China dominates the world agricultural trade on the buyers side.  If we go to war with them will they still buy food from us???  I don’t think so.

I discuss what I believe will be the result on agricultural economics if the United States gets in a really big war.  It will not be pretty from an economic viewpoint.

This one will be different in that we will be in it from the start most likely and we will carry the biggest burden.  Maybe it is South America if they stay on the sidelines that benefits the most.  America will be in the position of much like Great Britain was in the first two.  And, economically it did not end well for them.  In 1914 they were the financial capital of the world by 1945 they were broke and their people voted for big time socialism.

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