066 – Farm Bill in 2012 ?


Could a Farm Bill yet happen by the end of this year.  Yes, if part of an overall farm bill podcasteffort to get a “down payment” on a deal to avoid the “fiscal cliff” due to hit January 1st.

No, if the “fiscal cliff” is actually gone over.

I discuss how the farm bill has gotten caught up in a bigger argument over the size of government and who pays, how much and who and how much gets the “goodies”.

What are the next big fights going to be over and where does this leave commercial production agriculture.

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  1. splined said:

    The clueless and or corrupt congress ever fixated on re-election has chosen to be oblivious to the economic carnage it is creating with the unfair and inequitable   crop insurance schemes.  It should be obvious to everyone that targeting the largest and most profitable farm businesses with the largest investment and income guarantees grants these operations with an overwhelmingly   competitive edge in a highly competitive business.  It should be noted that many of these operations have little or no land costs and that government has no business guaranteeing ever increasing land values with insurance schemes that cover land costs.  It should also be obvious that smaller farm operations targeted with no  or minimal government benefits have little or no chance of competing  in such an economic environment.  Considering the stratospheric  levels to which land values have escalated it should be obvious to all that extreme government income and investment guarantees are capitalized into land values and that government has no business targeting the wealthiest with multi million dollar    business benefits.

    December 5, 2012

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