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The National Pork Board has a commercial being aired that trashes beef.  I am a beef producer and we used to raise pork.  I also believed that all of agriculture needs to hang together or we will all be hanged separately.

Well, it seems that pork producers do not see it that way.  Or should I say what the pork producers have morphed into over the last 20 years.  These entities that are only involved in pork production, and only care about themselves.

A little over a year ago I ranted about how the chairman of Smithfield Foods was complaining about ethanol.  Well the pork producers have gone way too far this time and I am done sticking up for them.  Well actually I am going to go farther. If you have to “trash” another product or sell on price only either you do not have much of a product or you cannot help yourself from over producing that product.

I would say many of these pork power houses have a public relations nightmare on their hands over tried and true production practices.  So, they get everybody else in agriculture to do the lobbying and to be the “face” of ag all the while they “trash” these same producers with their commercials for their “cheaper” products.

Lets talk facts since that is what they want to focus on.  At least that was what they said on twitter.  Yes pork is cheaper than beef.  I cannot help it that they continue to over produce their product.

But, here is a fact they do not want to talk about.  The majority of beef cows in these United States are still owned by actual independent family farmers.  Where as the huge majority, almost all now, sows are owned by the big pork power houses.

So the next time a big city reporter ask me about how we treat our cows I will talk about how much room they have to roam on their pasture and corn stalks, etc. and leave it at that.  I am not going to “trash” how somebody else produces agricultural products but I am not going to go out of way to defend them either.  I really get upset when “organic” “sustainable” “local” don’t just stand on their own production practices, but have to “trash” how the rest of ag produces a product, so why is pork any different when they go after beef?

So pork are you going to apologize to all us family beef producers and pull your ads?  I expect the same amount of money you have spent trashing beef.  And if you cannot spend checkoff money then you need to spend you NPPC dues money to do this.  Or better yet get the bog pork power house to pay for the apology ads.

So big pork you going to hang with the rest of us meat producers or are you going to hang separately”?????

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