111-Which Republican Presidential candidate would be good for American Agriculture


electoral collegeWinning the Presidency is all about math.  You have to win enough individual elections to get to 273 electoral college votes.

So a republican needs to win both Florida and Ohio and probably Virginia and North Carolina to win.  There are several other combinations but republicans are really boxed in now.  As recent as 1988 a republican could win only if they carried Illinois.  Map has changed and so many states are already pretty much predetermined except in a blow out election.  But, strange things do happen. Obama won Indiana in 2008.  Don’t see a D doing that in the near future.

I cover who I think did OK in the debate and who lost ground.

My early money was on ????? I discuss that in the podcast.

Trump is sucking all the air out of the room.

Watch Cruz and Rubio and Fiornia could be a spoiler and take votes away from someone and make that person drop out.

Walker had an early lead in Iowa but Trump is on top now.

I discuss who is basically out of this and who will exit next.  Perry is the only veteran I think and did a decent job running Texas but looks like this is not his time.

Strategy is very important.  This thing takes time, money,momentum, and energy to win.  Only a couple have done this before and Bush also has family and friends that have done this before.

Primary voters are much different than general election voters.
Have to win the primary but not get too far out of the mainstream for the general election.

I cover both some democratic and republican math in regards to the electoral college.

WHO IS BEST FOR AGRICULTURE???  I give my opinion.


Trump is a true wildcard.

It is still real early.  You need to get involved personally do not depend on organizations to do this for you.  Ask the campaign questions.  Follow them on twitter, facebook, etc.  Email them questions about agriculture.  And what is good for agriculture Iowa is early and is retail politics.

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