025 Weekend market comment 9-11-11


Tomorrow morning much anticipated September crop report.  Corn number between 12.3 Farm And Ranch Countryand 12.7?  Grain futures were lower last week.  Frost/freeze next week?  Is everybody bullish corn?  Livestock is all drought corn prices right now.

Many possible “black swan” events out there.  I think big one that is not on a whole lot of radars is Israel Turkey, Egypt problems.  Will Greece default.  They have to do something.  Everybody thinks that massive deflation is coming, I worry about hyper-inflation.  If that happens cash is useless.  Labor unions are hitting back hard against tea party and businesses.  Labor trouble at grain handling facility in Oregon.

Farm groups want cheap undocumented farm labor.  I think this is a mistake at this time.

Final thoughts on 911.

Have you forgotten – I hope not.

Red white and blue – anger will destroy you if held onto too long, but OK in the short run

God Bless the USA – what more is there to say.

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