99-Waning Political Influence Of the Agricultural Vote


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I discuss and look at the declining influence of the true agricultural vote.  Demographics are giving us less and less agricultural voters.  These voters are also trending more and more conservative in their voting.  Progressive liberals do not really care if commercial production agriculture votes for them.  They will win or lose without worrying about the farm vote.

I look at my own township and how the votes have changed through the years.  The rural vote is not really up for grabs anymore.  The rural vote is becoming more and more conservative in its makeup.  Does agriculture have the “ponies” to get relief, if it needed it anymore?

Who does agriculture partner with if it needs to?  Is there any partners.  Social issues are becoming more important and rural voters are trending more conservative.  Many rural towns are losing population.  People are moving to the country to get their own “5 acres of paradise”.

So where does this leave agriculture in the future?

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