042 – USDA program and functions cuts????


I discuss my TOP TEN USDA programs and/or functions that I would eliminate, reduce, Farm And Ranch Countryconsolidate, or change the direction of the program. \

I am not going to make everybody happy and I am sure to upset quite a few people and many will be USDA employees.

I go through my TOP TEN and then I really have a discussion on the Conservation Reserve Program.  I am a supporter of CRP and was even a bigger supporter when grain prices were really low, but now we need to downsize CRP and focus our time, efforts and money on the areas and practices that will give us the most bang for the buck.

I talk about quite a few conservation programs, but I also go on to explain why some USDA functions just need to be eliminated.

I also explain why I think that for every one job that is reduced at the county office level, the level that actually provides services to farmers and ranchers, and helps farmers and ranchers produce food, then one job at USDA in Washington D.C. needs to be cut and also one job at the major regional offices, like Kansas City, St. Louis, Fort Collins.  Of course one would have to take on the government unions, because all the major offices are union, but many county office employees are not union, and many are prevented by law from being unionized. A secretary of Agriculture that would do this would need independent outside counsel to get this done, considering the “Empires” that exist in many areas of USDA.

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