085- United States becoming a Banana Republic?


Why this matters and how does this affect me?US becoming a banana republic

The United States is on in my opinion on an unsustainable course.  What cannot be sustained will not be.  Does not mean the U.S. will not go farther down this road until it just breaks down than I think it can.  Momentum is big and this country still has lots going for it.

I also believe this country is slowing drifting towards National Socialism. Big government, big business, elites, educational institutions all working together for the benefit of themselves. The revolving door between main stream media and government jobs is just one of the reasons I see this happening.  This is generally good for the status quo, but not good for free market types and anybody trying to move up on the economic ladder.

I discuss 11 reasons why these United States are heading for the brink of Banana Republic status.  I also touch on how this is sorta like the 1850’s time period in our country’s history.

I also think this accounts for the wide disparity in the thought processes of the extreme left and right of politics in this country.  Where does this end?  Probably not too good for the people living through it.

But again I could be wrong and the stock market could just keep making new highs, governments fix the pension and mandatory spending problems.  Commodity prices will stay above the cost of production forever, health care spending will go down as the population ages, and governments will make all of societies inequalities go away.

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