096 – Ukraine, Russia, China


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So why all the fuss about Ukraine?

Why is Putin doing what he is doing?

BRICSHow does this affect American agriculture?

What is a bi-polar versus a uni-polar world?

Blame America first crowd is now firmly in control of many of the administration’s policies.

How/why does China fit in all this?

What is happening in the far western Pacific between China, Japan, Philippines, and other countries?

What is or are the BRICS?

Natural resources and the ability to get them at a reasonable cost?

Why do our allies not even trust us now?

The world is at a very dangerous crossroads right now and this does and will affect American agriculture.  We export so much of what we produce and import a lot of our inputs, so this all could just blow up.

Does this somewhat resemble what happened at the beginning of the last century when the whole world seemed to go to war?

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