132 – Trump Special


How did I get involved with the Trump campaign?

How or why did I become a delegate running on the ballot for Trump?Donald Trump

How involved is/was my family?

How does one file at the State Board of Elections?

How did an 18 year old get involved in all of this?

What is it like to drive in a motorcade?

Secret Service aren’t like like super cops?

From our limited times behind the scenes, what was our impression of Trump?

How do they run a campaign on so few people?

Has Trump changed the “game”?

Myself and my 2 sons discuss these and other topics, like what was the National Convention in Cleveland like?

How did it finally evolve that I went as an At-Large Alternate Delegate elected at the State Party Convention?

And remember the last thing, if we are not having fun we are out of here.


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