124 – Trump and Sanders save democracy ?


2016 will go down as the election year the parties lost control.

trump bernie save democracy

Both the democratic and republican establishments have taken big hits and have had a lot of exposure in how “the process” really works.

Dan Carlin on his Common Sense podcast calls Donald Trump a “Historical Arsonist” an

d that Bernie Sanders is “Supplying the Firewood”.  Others now

call Trump the Tangerine Tornado for tearing through the republican primary system.

One of the reasons Bernie will not win the democratic nomination is that the democratic party has even a more rigged process than the republicans do.  It is called “super delegates” on the democratic side.

I have always believed sunlight is one of natures best disinfectants and shining the light on how the parties pick “their” presidential candidates has lots of people in the general public in an uproar.  It has always been this way.  Now was just the first time with the “new” media it has been exposed for what it really is.  a rigged game from the start.  The two party system was designed so that whoever won the nominations could go on and be President that would satisfy the “elites” in this country.  Or the establishment if you will.

Occasionally a Barry Goldwater or George McGovern would win and then the establishment figured we will just make sure “our” candidate will win the general, and they did.

I really wonder could the political establishment destroy Barry Goldwater in this day and age with conservative talk radio, the internet and everybody having a phone on their camera.  When it was just the three big liberal networks and they controlled the message it was pretty easy to control the process.  But not now.  Newspapers also had a big say in what went on, but now how many 20 somethings  read a daily newspaper?

Trump has really shown people how to use the internet, social media, and self funding to win.  Jeb Bush’s super pac was spending money on billboards outside arenas where Trump had people in line who had ordered their tickets to the event on their cell phone.  Like they were going to look up from their phone to see a billboard?

Trump has also gone around all the high priced handlers, money bundlers, pollsters, economists, message makers, etc., etc., etc.  He has hurt the business of politics.  He also was meeting voters while early in the campaign other candidates were busy spending most of their time raising money, meeting high priced donors, and having their “message massaged” by all those high priced handlers.

My father is a World War 2 combat vet and this is a quote “first SOB to come along and not be politically correct, I am going to support them”.  Think a lot of people feel that way.

So where to from here.  I think there will be lots of resistance to change, but after lots of people found out they did not even get to vote (Colorado) or their vote was pretty worthless, several things will happen.

I see more open primaries.

I see delegate results tied directly to candidates and who the delegate HAS to vote for at the convention.

People really want to have a say in who is governing them.  I believe we are on the edge of more changes and a weakening of the party structure.

OPEN and HONEST elections are what people want.  Of course I can also say “be careful what you ask for you just might get it”.

Bernie and the Donald, two outsiders who I think if they could have had a chance running as independents for President would have.  But, the system was so rigged they had to work from the inside out and make it happen that way.  Bernie just did not have Donald’s resources.

2020 election especially the primary for whatever party does not win in 2016 should be real fun to watch!

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