Trans-Pacific Partnership Interview

Trans-Pacific Partnership

So how does one end up on TV?

I am sitting at home doing book work and Reid Blossom the Executive Director of the Illinois Beef Association calls and says he is traveling through Kentucky, but a local TV reporter wants to do an interview.  I say sure OK no problem.  Reporter calls while I am on the phone with Reid.  Nowadays with GPS I don’t even have to give directions to get here.  I have done quite a few interviews so I do not worry about them.  Just be on your toes if it is someone you do not know that has an agenda asks to an interview with you.

This gentleman did not, he was very good and knew what he wanted.  I am maybe too casual about them, but if you listen to my podcasts and periscopes I just roll with it.

I also remember the day when it took 3 people to do a TV interview instead of the 1 it does now.  Reporter, cameraman, and sound guy.  Technology has made a world of difference.   So, we pick up the kitchen in case he comes inside.  Make sure cows and barns are in order and remember this is TV so you need visuals.  The rest you can see on the video.  Nice young man that proves agriculture still has friends in the media.  Thank You Brendan Cullerton.

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