035 – Tobacco love or hate it , it is agriculture


One of the very first “cultivated” crops in North America.  Smoked by “native Americans” Farm And Ranch Countrylong before the “evil Europeans” came to the North American continent.

One of the first trans-Atlantic trade commodities.  Smoked along with probably a little “wacky-tabacky” in many peace pipe.  Today scorned by many, thrown out by the government as a government backed farm program crop.  Actually a “buy-out” of the tobacco crop acreage base.

Now Herman Cain has a “smokin add”, and Senator Dick Durbin along with his fellow liberal democrat senators want to ban tobacco from major league baseball.  I know they say they just want it outlawed during the world series, but how many other liberal do-good laws have suffered “bracket creep”????????

I for one have always cautioned farm groups that doing away with “tobacco” in the farm program may come back to haunt us.  So will it?

I guess the main question I have in an era of declining resources can a farm coalition stay together or will it all go down at once?

I do not have faith that the right things economically will be done without “wasting” money on some type of feel good agricultural programs.

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