Taxes Are So Not Rock and Roll

Judi and I went and watched “Rock Of Ages”.  Yes, I know we were probably sinning last rock of agesnight and yes the movie did take its shots at Christians and Church people, etc. It also took a swipe at conservative politicians, but it was all in jest.

It was a comedy/musical and it was done very well we thought.  We also grew up in the 80’s.  Well I was late 70’s and early 80’s, but Judi was definitely the 80’s.  Yes we used to listen to lots of 80’s rock and roll.  We also have seen lots of these bands that had music featured in the movie.  I also think I had most of the 33 LP records that were shown in the movie.  Which I gave away to my nephews and nieces which has not made my children real happy with me.  But, I have most of the songs on my IPod now.  And, yes my kids listen to country, but they really like to listen to 80’s Rock.

The actors and actresses also “played” or should we say over played their parts just right.  Cruise and Alec Badlwin played their parts to the max.  So now to what I wanted to post about.

“Taxes are soooo not Rock and Roll”.   I definitely agree with that.  There are lots of musicians who must also agree since they have trouble even paying their taxes to the IRS (Willie Nelson is a great example).  80’s rock if I remember it correctly back then, sorry some of it is still a little foggy, was about just leaving us alone and let us be self sustaining and we would take care of ourselves.  Of course “party on dude” was part of the thinking behind “just leave us alone”.

So did that independent thinking along with less reliance on the government thinking go the way of the Rock Ballad?  Where did it all go wrong? I have a theory about all of this.

The major decision makers right now are products of the 60’s.  What a wasted time is my opinion. The radical 60s generation has really screwed things up, but their time in the sun is starting to fade.

The next generation that will solve these problems and will take over is the 80’s generation.  You know the “Roll with the Changes” generation, (REO Speedwagon album ” You can Tune a Piano, but you Can’t Tuna a Fish”).  Yes people want to Roll With The Changes not no hope and no change left over.

But, I believe I have had a ringside seat to the differences  I have an older sister who is nine years older than me and my wife is nine years younger than me.  So I have been exposed to the late sixties through the late 80’s ways of thinking.  And yes, I will  take REO, Journey, Van Halen, Sammy Hagar (I know those tractor pullers he talked about at Farm Aid 1), etc., etc., over anything made in the late 60’s/ early 70’s.

This new generation of leaders will clean up the messes made by their parents.  They are going to have to.  What cannot be sustained will not be sustained.  So “Rock On”, and go see the movie if you grew up in the 80’s.  It was dated 1987 which is right in the middle of the big rock ballad band era.  The movie even opens up with “Sister Christian” by Night Ranger.

My life has been as a “tweener” as I like to say.  I am in between lots of different things.  As I write this on Father’s Day (happy Dad day to all you Dad’s out there), I am listening to Merle Haggard.  I do believe to my core that the 80’s generation will get “it” right and save this great country of ours.  Just remember “Taxes are so not Rock and Roll”.

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