115 – Rural Women Rock


rural womanI just love rural women.  You are top drawer/top shelf in my way of thinking.


Rural women are ideologically different from suburban and urban women.  And that is very good thing in my humble opinion.

Rural women are Socially Conservative and care about issues at the same level as rural men.

Suburban and urban women are vastly different than suburban and urban men.

And, for frosting on the cake rural women are more like rural men in their views on the world and both rural men and women are different from urban and suburban men.

Which if men are from Mars and women are from Venus rural folks must be from Jupiter.  Well at least as far from the sun as earth.

I will discuss a whole range of issues.

Rural women are actually stronger GOP partisans than rural men.

More supportive of conservative religious groups.

More conservative on issues than non-rural men.

Are the only group that is a net positive in their support of pro-life issues.


As recently as 1992 more rural voters voted democratic than republican.

Congressional Rural Caucass

1993/1994  88 dems 54 Rs

now 34 Rs 17 Ds and I can identify 3 of them most people would say are ultra liberal.

Rural democratic men started leaving the party in the 1980s, the women waited until the 90s.

From statistics rural democratic women are either leaving the democratic party or they are leaving rural areas,

Rural Areas

Large increase in gun ownership compared to non-rural areas.  Especially among women.

Large increase in the support for NRA in rural areas, especially again among women.

Republicans making huge gains in rural states.  You can thank Obama for some of this, but rural women are the ones causing the shift in numbers.

side note – seeing huge differences in voter turnouts in presidential versus non presidential elections, but bigger difference in the non-rural areas.

I cover state statistics on who is really running those states.

Rural areas need to figure out how to capitalize on this.  We are the reason the republicans are in control and we need to remind our non rural republicans of this from time to time.

As a whole rural voters vote for the more conservative and more religious candidate.

Interesting figures on union support.  Support for unions has stayed about the same in rural areas, while declining in suburban and urban areas.  But, those ares are dropping down close to rural area support.

Party Identification

Rural and suburban people are not self identifying much different than they did years ago.  But, suburban self identified independent women are voting more democratic.  Maybe they are really democrats they just don’t want to admit it.  Rural women are voting more republican than they did in the past across all party lines.

Urban men that self identify as republican is down but most move to the independent category.  Urban women though is where a big change has happened also.  Identifying as R down somewhere around 10% and identifying as democrat up 10 to 20%.

These statistics are somewhat fluid because elections ebb and flow and one has to look at more than a couple elections to get a feel for a trend.


Big take away from this.  Rural women and urban women have never been farther apart.

I also want to say these stats are over the entire country so if it does not fit you that is OK.  Just looking at the big picture.

Independent voters in suburban and urban areas are not as predictable as rural independents, especially women.  Rural women are trending more conservative.  Suburban independents are both conservative and liberal on lots of different issues and it is not always along social and fiscal issues.  Just a more fickle voter.  They would say discerning voter.

Gender Gap does not really exist in true rural areas.  Rural women may actually be more conservative.

In urban and suburban areas there is a huge gap between men and women.

Why is it this way in rural areas????


Rural women see issues the same way as rural men do as a whole.

Rural women are significantly more conservative than suburban and urban women.

Rural women and men view the political environment very much the same way, especially when compared to suburban and urban women.

Rural women are more conservative than urban men and maybe more so than suburban men.


Remember these are broad strokes painted on a very large canvass.  You may not fit the mold, but lots of your rural neighbors do.

This is why I love you rural women.

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