062 – Presidential Predictions


If the election were held today and if the current polls are correct then the electoral college vote tally would be Obama 237 votes, Romney 191 votes, with 110 votes too close to callRemember you need 270 electoral college votes to win the election.

presidential predictions podcastThe battleground states are getting to be an interesting mixture across the country.  For once a few agricultural dependent states are possibly the states that will determine who is President.

Iowa is the big prize with ag connections.  Yes I know it is only 6 electoral votes,but Obama’s road to victory just may have to be through Iowa.

Colorado, and Ohio are two other agricultural states that are in the too close to call column.  Wisconsin could also now be in play and that will mean more attention to Midwestern agricultural.

North Carolina and Virginia are both in the middle also, which may mean how does one offset the grain price gains in the Midwest with the livestock heavy areas in the southeast?

I also do a quick look at the House and Senate races and explain that no matter who wins control of the Senate the Senate becomes a lot more conservative after this election.

My final thoughts are on where the demographics are taking the United States in the next 20 years and what the effects with be on elections in the future.

In the future Texas will be key as to what and how the United States becomes politically.  The future is in the hands of Texas.

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