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Where to from here?

Real hot topic in Agricultural circles right now is the question Farm And Ranch Country

“Are Land Prices Too High”.

Conclusion – NO, based on obvious and not so obvious factors discussed in this podcast.

forecastMiddletown’s forecast for 2-07-11

Is winter coming to an end, or at least the most severe part of it?  This is today’s forecast.  I was still moving snow from last Tuesday’s storm.  I am ready for some warmer weather.  It will be a flood around here if it melts fast.  I will take that if it means getting rid of this snow.  What do you think, are you tired of winter?

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″][/youtube]

My wife has a blog biggreencombine where she has been posting about what farmers do in the winter time.  A friend asked her what we did all winter long.  So this post is a video of me digging out a neighbor after 15 inches of snow.  On Feb 1st we had a thunder and lightning snow storm and massive winds.  On Feb. 2nd I spent all day in the cab of the loader tractor scooping snow.  Quarter mile lane and about half had to be literally dug out.  I do like the 5105m John Deere tractor.  This was the fourth neighbor to be dug out, besides our house, Dad and Mom’s house and the cattle operation.  By the way cows are ready for winter to be over (me too).