046 – Money in Agriculture – Lots of It


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There is a lot of money in Agriculture right now.

Record numbers of attendees at winter Agricultural conferences. National Cattlemen Beef Association and Commodity classic have/had record number of people registered as attendees.

Cash rents are going through the roof in many areas.

Agricultural equipment sales were very high in 2011.

Farm building builders did a record business in 2011.

Land prices set record highs in 2011.  Midwest land prices made new Inflation Adjusted highs in 2011. Surpassing top made in the early 1980s.

Why is there so much money in agriculture right now?  When will the party come to an end?  Will there still be a federal farm safety net when the agriculture economy turns down???

With record government spending and entitlement programs eating up more and more federal revenues, will very much of what we think of as agricultural policy exist in 10 years?

Real farm net income continues to set records.

Lastly, I look out into the future as to what the consequences of all this money will be on the future agricultural economy.

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