118 – Migration not Immigration Western World is De-populating


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Economic sanctions on Russia could lead to war.  I compare what happened between Japan and the United States and what is going on now with Russian sanctions.

This is not immigration where somebody moves to your country and wants to become like you.

This is migration.  One culture moving into another area.  This re-location of peoples looks more to me like what happened to the Roman Empire when the Goths, VisiGoths, Vandals, Franks, etc. moved from central Asia and the Germanic tribal areas into the Roman Empire.  Historians even refer to this period in time as the Migration Period.  Sometimes also called the Barbarian Invasions.  These ones I have mentioned started around 376 A.D. and it lasted until about 800 A.D.  The ones that were in the later half of this time period were the Huns, Slavs, Bulgars, etc. 

The Franks are the ancestors of both modern day Germany and France.  Hence the name France derived from Franks.  When Rome controlled it, it was called Gaul.  So a migration actually changed the names of places.

Why is this happening?  Wars, crazy people driving them out, better “pastures” in the new lands, a less densely populated area to move to, better climate, a chance at a better life.  And 1700 years ago they were willing to fight for these lands.

So what does this mean for the western world ???????

And sometimes when you have nothing to lose and you have nothing where you are what choice do you have???

I will try and discuss this whole mess and see if I can make it a clearer picture for you.

There is enough blame to go around.  I go back clear to Reagan to discuss what has gone wrong.

I look at Paris and what it means for Europe and Western Civilization. France is bombing and it looks like Britain will join the air campaign also.  Will eastern Europe pull away from Western Europe?  Is Brussels the center of the hate?

I talk about the historical bad blood between Turkey and Russia.  Putin has a plan.  Something I am not sure we have. I go back through all the dictators we have removed from the Middle East and I am not sure we are better off.  Is our current Washington leadership too involved with the Muslim Brotherhood?

Why do we have all these close personal advisers that are from or grew up in Middle eastern countries.  How about a Smith or a Jones once in awhile?

Radical Muslims have a plan also.

Too bad our current leaders studied too much social studies and not enough world history when they went to school.  They would be well served to go back and read the history books about this time period.  It just all cycles around.

It is also just a math problem in the end.  Western civilization is not re-producing and the areas of the world that are migrating are. 

Bottom line it is demographics they are re-producing and the west is not.  Countries with young and growing populations will eventually take over places that are dying off.

We worry about climate change and they are just worrying about a place to live and an ideology to live by.

And lastly what this all means for rural America.

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