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Recorded while in our diesel truck, delivering a heifer to a friend. Trial run for recording in tractor this spring. Farm And Ranch Country Thanks for putting up with the noise.

Muslim Unrest
Protests/revolution in Egypt. Now in Libya, Bahrain, Saudia Arbia,etc. Is Obama going to lose the middle east to radicals much as Carter lost Iran? Where does peace with Israel fit into all this?
Loss of faith by pro-western Arab States in the Middle East. Will oil rich nations look for a new ally, such as China?
Will oil rich nations fund the radicals (buy them off) to leave the current rulers in power?
Why did we not support green revolution in Iran more? Is unrest in Egypt over? If Suez Canal closes oil goes through the roof.
The communist takeover in Russia was not the first revolutionary government there. Is the radical Muslim Brotherhood going to be the eventual leadership in a “new” middle east?
The U.S. cannot fight ’em all. Our military is already committed to major conflicts, Iraq, Afganistan, Korea,etc. We no longer have a 600 ship navy that Ronald Reagan left us with. We are down to a little over 200 ships in the Navy.
Remember lots of this fighting is still based on politics between religious sects.
Sunni/Shiite conflict is an inside Muslim religion war. Has gone on for a thousand years. They really hate and despise each other. Saudis are Sunni and Iran is Shiite. Some in Iran want Iran to become the new Persian Empire.
Where will this end? We need to look at history, not politically correct Social Studies.
Are we witnessing the fall of the US empire and the breakup of the current geo-political matrix?
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