122 – ISIS versus ISIL and why does it matter


Chuck HagelChuck Hagel, who is a former Senator and Cabinet member of the Obama administration is now speaking out about his time running the Defense Department.  So why does Obama call it ISIL when many others call it ISIS ?????

It revolves around Israel, Palestine, and Muslim history.

So what does all this mean to agriculture???

ISIL eliminates Israel from the map.

Why so much chaos?  Is this rules for radicals.

Fundamentally change America.  Not the “hope and change” most people were thinking back in 2008.  I think most people want to role with the changes.

Why are there so many people with close ties to Iran or Saudi Arabia involved in the American government?

What is the Muslim brotherhood and what do they want.

In politics many things are done with a reason and purpose behind them.  So why did Obama send the bust of Churchill back to England?  Almost all things are politically thought out and politically motivated.  Remember the ambassador in Libya was killed because of the video – yeah right.

So now Chuck Hagel is talking.  Covering his butt, or actually telling us how it really was/is.

So is O going to get Gitmo closed before he leaves office.  Really trying hard.  Remember it was a campaign promise in 2008.

Hagel blames Susan Rice for lots of the problems.  Hagel blames lots of people besides himself.

I also touch on a few things I think the Muslims really do not like about the west.

So, why does all this matter to rural people and agriculture in particular.

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