Is the next agricultural generation ready?

In one word yes.  I went to my University’s homecoming yesterday.  I also went to the Reggie Redbirdagricultural alumni meeting.  All the ag clubs presented what the alumni investment in them has resulted in.  I do realize that these are the leaders of the clubs and the “cream of the crop”, but wow can they all carry themselves very well.  I also help every now and then at the career development center and do mock interviews with the ag kids.  They are ready to go.

A friend of mine who has been in agri-business for a long time also said the same thing.  We just think they are a lot better than we were at that age. These same college ag kids have the most successful student organizations/clubs and this is just not the opinion of the faculty and staff, but they were voted that by the other students.  Actually they had twice as many votes from the whole student body compared to second place.  And, this University has a tremendous number of students that come down from the Chicago area, and is not known as an “AGGIE” school.

We also interact with a lot of young cattle breeders and we are impressed.  So while others protest and carry on these ag/farm/ranch kids are just getting it done.  I am positive that this is probably true of many other agriculture departments and farm and ranch children around the country.

So to President Bowman, Jeff, Rob, and the whole faculty and staff, a big congratulations.  You are doing a good job and to the students, just keep doing what you are doing you will be successful.


  1. Scott Dawson said:

    Bill!…..really enjoy the the podcast and the weekly videos. Hope the harvest has been good for you and went smoothly. Wondering what your thoughts are on the raw milk debate and how that effects the dairy industry? Have a good day and keep up the good work. First podcast I listen to each week!

    Scott Dawson
    Chilton, Wisconsin

    October 18, 2011
  2. Bill Graff said:

    Thanks for the comment. Harvest is done and I will comment on this in the future. My initial comments is that people should be allowed to choose for themselves. This also means if they choose “wrong” they should not be able to sue somebody else unless it is very obvious someone was trying to cause them harm.
    I know a beef professor who does not believe the same. So as a lot of debates there is two or maybe three sides to any issue.

    October 23, 2011

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