110 – Iran Nuclear Deal & American Agriculture


Iranian Nuke deal.

Iran Nuke Deal & Agriculture

How does this affect American agriculture.


World Corporations?  Many of the people who run these large corporations do not experience living like many in rural, agricultural areas do.  Not good, not bad just different.  p

Access to growing markets.  Cheap oil?

I examine the potential for an Iranian consumer market, oil prices and commodity values.

Iran has lots of oil, lots of cheap oil.  Lots of consumers, young consumers, needing things.

Economic sanctions are getting in the way of this.

So what about the BOMB????

Most farmers and ranchers produce commodities.  Lots of Iranian oil on the oil markets should hold down commodity prices.  How does this all shake out in Agriculture.  It is going to be interesting.

Well back to the chance of them getting the bomb.  World is becoming a more dangerous place.  Arms race in the Middle East.  Who else will get the bomb?  Radical Islam, is the best place to be having an arms race?  Some do not look at this, this way.  I do. Too many people in these United States do not look upon these people as being radical, they just view it as another religion.   We need to be very careful when dealing with people who tell everyone submit or die.  That was how the mongols approached things and they probably killed more people on this earth than any others ever did.  And that is saying a lot.

Or, is this deal somehow related to Russia also.  Does Iranian oil replace Russian oil and does this weaken Russia’s grip over the rest of Europe when it comes to energy.

How does political correctness play into this?

Has the Politics of this country allowed us to get in a position where a deal like this can happen?  Or has to happen?

Rural Areas political clout is down compared to larger population centers.

ISIS?,  Nukes, all in the same geographic region????

Lots of Muslims coming to United States to get an education.  We send back trained scientists.  Lots of Muslim immigrants also.  United States are changing.

Next President may find it really hard to get rid of this deal.  Obama may take it to the U.N. before U.S. Congress votes on the deal.  That probably not a good idea if they really want “can’t we all just get along?”  Of course they only think cooperation is when the other side totally agrees with them.

Changing the World Focus from being an Atlantic center to an Asian center.

Back to Iran.    That is unless they start throwing nukes around.

Is this a back door to “busting” Russia???

As I write and record this commodities are at a 13 year low.  That affects agriculture.

What’s your opinion?

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