Government Worker’s Most Important Numbers


What are the 2 most important numbers to the average government worker. 30 and 55, 30 years of service and 55 years of age. Not all government employees are in government Farm And Ranch Countryfor this reason, but just look at Wisconsin. Many start out for lots of reasons, but soon they get caught in what I call the the “golden handcuffs”.

I discuss benefits and work schedules of government employees. Just how good these jobs really are.

I discuss how farmers view the workers in the “county offices” for USDA and how farmers sometimes trust them too much. I also discuss why the first response to a question is usually no not yes. Why government will never function like a private business. I give my opinion on how to make government more efficient. How to get government “under control”.

Last, I discuss what I think the future holds for government employees.

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