Does Farm Size Matter? part 1


I do a periscope #BreakfastWithBill every morning at 7:30 am central time on the periscope app. You can eitherDoes farm size matter? listen there or on twitter. This is part 1 of a 2 part series I did a couple mornings back to back on farm size.

I discuss size of farms. I talk about a farm outside of San Francisco that is a direct marketing operation and this farm said their “sweet spot” for profitability was 10,000 broilers sold a year, 5000 laying hens and 300 hogs marketed which were raised farrow to finish. This is a pasture operation also. Which is a pretty big size for a direct marketing operation.

I talk about how if you do not have many acres how you probably need to be in livestock and / or vegetables and in a direct marketing or community supported agriculture. I also mention you probably will not be able to drive big 4 wheel drive tractors over lots of acres and drink beer in your shop all winter.

Size is relative to the type of operation one has. 10,000 acres of small grains way out west is not the same as 10,000 broilers direct marketed to individuals in a large city.

Enjoy the discussion.

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