107-Farm Industry Predictions, Questions, 2015


cattle feedlotI was going to do this the night before the big January agricultural reports come out, but I decided to wait until spring.  Spring is the time that a new year really starts for many farmers and ranchers so here goes with my predictions.

I do know the cash cattle market is really running high in early 2015 along with feeder cattle.  Man am I glad we own cattle now.  My old prediction 10 years ago that we would feed $3 corn to $2 cattle may not come true, but I will not be too far off.

44 Predictions and questions on what will, could, should, or may happen in 2015.

I also ask some questions since I do not know everything.

I look at what the agricultural markets could do and what is going on in the general economy.

Commodity prices, especially oil, gold and silver get mentions.

What about the general United States’ economy?

World politics and what the world “leaders” are looking at.

Interest rates and the stock market get mentioned

Listen and enjoy, Thanks and have a prosperous 2015.

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