050 – Farm Bill House Ag Committee Field Hearing


House Ag Committee Field Hearing

Farm Bill

I report on, and give my take on what was said at the House ag committee hearing in Farm Bill Field HearingGalesburg, Illinois.

It is my belief that a farm bill is very likely to be passed before the election.  The winds have changed and I think it may get done.

I have testified to Congress before and this “field hearing” was much like all the others I have been at.

From the sounds of it, crop insurance will be a big part of the farm bill and direct payments are gone.  I also think chairman Lucas would have liked for the farm bill to not have had to be caught up in the current big government/raise taxes/cut government debate that is now going on in Washington, D.C.

Listen and enjoy, not a real long podcast.

I still like my idea of a farmer choice farm bill.  The link below is where anyone can give testimony to the House Ag Committee in regards to what should be in ( or not in) the next farm bill.


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