061 – 2012 Drought and the after Effects – what we know and don’t know


2012 Drought and what all the experts are predicting.  Are the predictions right, drought and after effectswrong, or just outdated by the time they are printed.

I review what I think is happening and will happen to the U.S. Meat Industry.

I wonder if the fallout between meat and grain farmers is more permanent than in the past.

How can the crop guesses by right but also be wrong? Is NASS (National Agricultural Statistic Service) outdated?

When will things change “back to normal”?

Some other mega factors for agricultural markets are flying by under the radar right now.  What are some of those and why do they matter?

What about things like a farm bill, food security, insurance for livestock producers like grain farmers have?

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  1. marthaperalta28 said:

    Its very dificult to predict harsh conditions on crops. You see, every day someone try´s to invent or create some kind of machine o software to make things better and everyday they get it wrong. Climate is a thing that nobody understands completly but there are some usefull info to help minimize the risk of failure due to weather. In my country if your ever interested to visit, the website http://www.agronet.gov.co offers everything about weather change, climate change, crop growing and anything you may wonder about agriculture. Thats the kind of tools help narrow the gap with our weather.

    September 1, 2012

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