136 – BIG DATA


Agriculture is generating a lot of data, always has, always will.  And, it is valuable data.  And, the government since the start of farm programs has collected a lot of data from farmers and ranchers.  Not just the USDA office that is getting data from us.  IRS gets your income every year.  Local government has real estate tax information, who owns it, what type of entity owns it, etc.  What type of car you drive is recorded with titles and registration fees.  “They” know a lot about us already.  Any loans that have collateral are registered.  They can track your cell phone.  Your car records all kinds of performance data.

Big question that gets asked a lot is the government pulling it all together somewhere?  Probably not unless you are really doing something big time stupid.

Agriculture’s BIG DATA, lots of questions.  Everything from who owns it to what is done with it.  Who is getting the financial benefit from the data?  Does it matter anymore?  Somebody wants it they can probably get it.  Computers keep track of and record everything, everything.

Surveys are another thing we farmers get a ton of.  Are you getting compensated for giving all that valuable information away?  Reward cards keep track of what you buy, when you buy it, how much you paid for it, how you paid for it, etc.  If they are giving you something for your data you know they are getting much more in return.  Compiling data is a lucrative business for many companies now.

Data is knowledge, knowledge is power.

Farmnwife has a few views on all this.  Don’t be paranoid about the data that is out there.  It is already out there somewhere, most all of it, or they can come real close to guessing what it is.  But, she is also not giving it away for free.  Either do your homework to get it or, pay me big time for it.

Farmers probably give away too much for free, because we want the information for free.  I don’t do surveys unless you pay me – period.  Somebody is either selling that info or using it for THEIR own benefit.

I touch on what NASS does and the Ag Census. I also mention that precision ag is cheaper on a per acre basis the larger you go rather than being on the small side.   And, how every big outfit is trying to amass as much data as they can.  Because it is in their best interest to do so.  So, the bottom line is who is benefiting and is it the farmers and ranchers?


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