084 – Agriculture and Infrastructure, Roads, Railroads, Locks & Dams


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Agriculture & Infrastructure

I have done quite a bit of driving around the Midwest this past year and I am appalled at ag & infrastructurehow bad the roads are.  I am talking major interstates.

What kind of value are we getting for the money spent?

Agriculture to be successful needs good roads and bridges, railroads, and locks & dams.

Governments are broke and are “robbing” the road funds to pay for day to day expenses, entitlements, and pensions.

Happening on the national level all the way down to local governments.

Locally agriculture needs roads.  Regionally ag needs locks and dams.  Nationally agriculture needs good railroads and seaports.

How is the infrastructure in your area?

Send me a picture of the worst roads in your area, I am looking for a top 10 worst road collection.

Send me your photos of bad roads or bridges you deal with; williamjgraff@gmail.com

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