138 – Ag Business Customer Relations


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This Podcast is a direct result of my periscopes that I do every day, well 6 days a week, I take Sundays off.  I had a listener that is a member of the smartest audience in Agriculture ask about the future of Ag-Business retail outlets.  After I did that as a morning periscope.  Which is live video on the periscope app which is hooked up with Twitter.  I usually go 10 to 20 minutes every morning around 7:3o a.m. central time.

After I did the periscope another member of the smartest audience in Agriculture sent me a direct message.  He farms but also runs a decent size ag retail business.  He had made several pages of notes listening to my periscope.  You could say he was a partner in this podcast.  Not really a silent partner since lots of what I am going to talk about is what he sent me and what him and I discussed and cussed about.

We talked about small medium and large customers.  Where we think this is all headed.  And, how for both farmers and ag retailers to stay in business.


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