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ADAP – Agricultural Disaster Assistance Program

is a farm bill proposal from the National Farm And Ranch CountryCorn Growers.  ADAP is something of an improved version of the present ACRE program.  It also eliminates Direct Payments, Counter-Cyclical Payments, and the SURE disaster program.

I go through a detailed over view of the proposal and compare it to not only ACRE, but how eliminating SURE and Direct payments play out.  I give my take on how the players in the farm bill debate will react.

I commend the Corn Growers for getting out front and doing something.  I just worry under the current political climate how possible a farm bill is?  I also talk about the size of the cuts the super committee may tell agriculture it has to contribute to deficit reduction.  I also give my reasons why another round of cuts will happen in 2013.

I also go into what I believe has to happen with the next farm bill.  And as a bonus feature I talk about Obama’s latest farm policy proposals.  He guts crop insurance once again.  Almost like he does not want any private farm policy, just all of it administered by government workers.  His “farm policy” seems to come from the socialist wing of the Farmers Union.  He has shown once again he has no concern for commercial production agriculture.

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