2013 Farm Bill, When if ever & Why not by now? – 82


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Why No Farm Bill Yetwhy no farm bill yet

I get the above question a lot.  I go over in the podcast many of the reasons there is not a new farm bill by now.  And, most are very valid reasons.  We in agriculture need to listen to people out side ag for many of the clues.

Reasons why no farm bill by now

1. Obamacare

2. Vote on things individually no “grand compromises” anymore

3. Can farm only legislation stand on its own?

4. No more “must have catch all bills”

5. Reformers

6. Constitutionalists

7. Not as much gets done with split ideaology

8. This farm bill could become permanent legislation

9. Actual farm and ranch commercial production people numbers are way down, no rural outcry anymore for a farm bill.

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