053 – 2012 Farm Bill Update


I discuss many of the twists and turns that could happen before a farm bill Farm billwill be completed.

John Boehner leader of the house does not want a farm bill discussion before the election.  He does not want Republicans fighting each other before the election.  I go through all the factions in a farm bill debate.

World Trade Organizations and problems with parts of the farm bill.

Crop Insurance is under attack.  Environmental Working Group and others really do not like privately administered crop insurance.  EWG funded a “study” by Bruce Babcock a professor at Iowa State University that takes major hits at crop insurance.

Not all agricultural groups are united in what they want in the next farm bill.

Is the number to cut 23 billion or 33 billion?

Big discussion on Food Stamps and how much the program has grown in the last 10 years.

If there is no farm bill is an extension of the current bill possible?

Dairy – I have a good idea what will not be able to pass the house, so what will the policy be?  Nobody may know the answer to that.

Conservation – there will be some reductions and consolidations, but where and how much?

Other Factors – Where will commodity prices at? Drought or surplus crops, either extreme has implications for a farm bill.  EWG – just what is their game?  Food stamps and attempts to rein this program in could spill over into other areas of the farm bill and gain or lose votes on the final passage of a farm bill.  2012 presidential election will have effects this summer and fall on the farm bill debate.  Senate and House election also will have big effects.

Possible Government shut down right before the election?

Government workers “partying” cold and will affect everything the government does as long as people remember what has went on.

Senate is moving fast. I always thought Senate would move before the House.  When politicians want something done and they all agree on it, it can happen fast.

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