126 Revised: Agriculture in Transition


The revised edition: In other words the correct episode posted.

I have been asked to speak at a young farmer meeting this summer and after outlining it, I said hey I should do tfarm podcasthis as a podcast. So here goes.

Social media for farmers. Whether it is our age or whatever as an industry agriculture, especially production ag has been slow to adopt social media. I will discuss how my wife started, how it evolved, and how I got to where I am today. I also look out to the future and see what that could look like.

The Internet has changed farming and ranching, so has mobile devices. Where does this lead to next.

The future of government farm programs. Have we seen the future and is it the 1970’s???

So do we have a total payment limit including crop insurance subsidies? In the 1980’s they needed to save rural banking. From 1992 until 2006 republicans and democrats were fighting over rural congressional seats. Clinton vs. Gingrich

Obama and progressive democrats have pretty much put the end to rural democrats.

Rural women rock, they as a whole are very conservative.

Social security along with Medicare and Medicade are more important than farm program payments.

Hard to justify $$$ to a bunch of rich white guys, well balance sheet rich.

So what would the limit be, probably lot less then we have now.

These United States and lots of states and cities are broke. Money is probably going away.

Trade, what a loaded question from one year ago. Lots of ag groups pushing real hard, but I think we maybe hurting ourselves in the future. Time to lay in the weeds and let this all play out. We can always push it through in a lame duck session if one has too.

I for one would give Mr. Trump a try to see if he can get us a better deal.

I touch on how I got involved with the Trump campaign. Let’s just say this is not my first rodeo.

Lastly I give some advice to young farmers. It was the, who asked me to speak. I give them 5 points to ponder.

This podcast can be listened to in 5 sections. I covered 5 areas so you can break this up how you want.

To the smartest people in agriculture, thanks for listening.

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