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I have been asked to speak at the 2013 Ag Connect Expo & Summit in Kansas City on Ag ConnectJanuary 29th and 30th.

My Topic is Managing For Profit.  How in the future will I make a profit on my farm.  In particular I am talking about how I am going to profit in the future with less government support.

I believe long term agriculture will see less government support via a “farm bill”.  Not necessarily less government involvement in agriculture, just less support to commercial production agriculture.  We also have to realize eventually the good times will come to an end.

The what, where, when and how of less government support will be discussed, and how modern agriculture does not “fit” what the general public wants its food production to look like. Almost all commercial production agricultural producers would rank in the top 5% of wealth in regards to net assets. This almost makes it a very difficult task to get a farm bill with lots of government money in it.

I have a whole hour to go through what I see as the future.  It will go fast and should be enjoyable.  I will end with this.  “Too much has been borrowed, too much has been promised, too much has been spent.”  And, it is all coming to the “endgame” in the next few years.

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  1. splined said:

    If we want fewer and larger farms we need to double down on government crony capitalistic schemes that target greater benefits to larger farmers. Obviously rather than annual multimillion dollar benefits per farmer  we need annual multibillion dollar benefits to the select few. On the other hand if we want more farmers working the land we need to dehorn,castrate, and slaughter government program schemes that target greater income and investment benefits to a select few. Perhaps we should be running in the direction of our founding fathers that designed a government that provided for very limited interference in citizens’ lifes and their businesses.

    January 11, 2013

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