068 – What Bull to Use?


Decisions, decisions and who really knows what a purebred or club calf farmer or rancher is talking about anyway?

In agriculture and all walks of life people talk about things that no body else has a clue not only what they they are talking about but what “language” they are talking in.

I use the club calf bulls as an example, but commodity traders do it, government employees do it, small wooden boat model builders do it.  What is it.  They talk their own language.

Most people are passionate about something.  They know more about it than most other people.  When they are around people who enjoy the same things the language they use can get very interesting, for them at least, because nobody else can understand them.

So have fun listening to this.  I had fun doing it.  And yes we do have a really good who made who heifer that will sometime probably be flushed to heatwave.  Those should be great club calf steers.

Thanks for listening

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