056 – There is no “Middle” anymore


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What do I mean by the “Middle”?

The middle ground is where much farm policy has been made in years past.  Now in many No Middle Groundarenas, especially politics the middle is losing ground to both ends of the spectrum.

This has huge implications for commercial production agriculture in the future.

Not just with farm programs, but in regulations, taxes, public opinion of farmers.

What type of food production consumers actually want is moving out of the “middle”.

Will there be opportunities, yes, but I see the downside for most of us as being greater.

Many things are changing for agriculture, but are the god times, so good we are not seeing what is coming at us.

Even at times I think agricultural producers have no middle ground with each other anymore.

Lots of information on what I believe is the biggest topic not being talked about in agriculture today.

Maybe my most important podcast to date.

Josh Flint


  1. Josh Flint said:

    I appreciate the mention. This is definitely a scary period. To date, the consumer pocket book has never been significantly challenged by food policy. As more folks transition to this non-GMO/organic/local foods trend, this could become a real possibility. As you mention, the folks who typically promote this agenda aren’t hurting for money. Great podcast.
    –Josh Flint

    May 8, 2012
    • BillGraff said:

      Thanks for the comment.  Your editorial in the Prairie Farmer can maybe open some eyes in agriculture that do not believe we have a problem.  I also worry with no “middle” in politics we can be whip sawed back and forth on many issues.
      Thanks again

      May 8, 2012

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