030 Moneyball – The Game Has Changed


Farm Policy, Farm Politics, or more precise how Farm Policy is made has changed.  I do Farm And Ranch Countrynot believe everyone involved in agriculture realizes this.  Just as free agency, then “moneyball” changed the business side of baseball.  The Progressive liberals “Chicago Way” of politics and the Tea Party are changing how Farm Policy will be made in the future.  This is not to say that the Agricultural Committees are still not important, just the the “free rein” that the Ag committees have had in the past to write policy will now have more outside influences that are indifferent or outright hostile to agriculture’s needs.

Obama’s assault on crop insurance is one example.  Many Tea Party faithful are against any government spending not specified directly in the Constitution.  Many main stream agricultural “insiders” thinks this is on the fringe of politics, but look how successful the Tea Party has been in changing the debate in Washington.

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