024 Sunday Night market update #2


Sunday 9/04/11

Agricultural markets tended to the crazy side on Thursday and Friday.  Grains were down big time Thursday, but up big time Friday.  Last Friday or this Tuesday are two possible top days, at least a few timing people say so.

I still look for the stock market to tank in September or October, I hope I am wrong, but does it feel like 1987 to you too?

John Mauldin’s newsletter talks about his thoughts on Gold ownership and speculates if we are headed for a recession. Third straight month in which inventories rose more than new orders.  Every time this has happened US goes into a recession.  Is it different this time?

Grain markets rarely rally into harvest.  I am looking to sell some more corn Tuesday.  Judi has had a profitable trade by owning corn for a long time.  She bought it at $3.68.  She also bought silver at $16.  We like to buy and hold for awhile, or sell and stay that way for awhile.  Do not get married to a bad trade though.

Be safe out there this fall.  Podcast next on the chairman of Nestle corp. comments on grain markets and fuel usage.

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