015 Farm Bill Follow up – It really is being written right now


WE (farmers) just don’t get it. Maybe that is a good thing.Farm And Ranch Country

Lots of farmers and most agriculture groups have not grasped what the budget deficit means for the next farm bill.

Major Cuts

Paul Ryan’s house budget may be the highest spending number we see.¬† Turns out lots of people want to cut even more.¬† Senate was thought to be the place where agricultural¬† spending would be “saved”.

Do you know what and who is in the Biden Group and what is it charged with doing?

Taxes versus lower spending, taste great or less filling?

Could agriculture have bigger cuts than everybody else, yes.

Debt ceiling, debt ceiling, debt ceiling

Are farm groups going to realize in time that big cuts are coming and do they have enough flexibility to get “something” for the cuts?

Less regulation, more freedom, less government interference, lower taxes.

Farmer choice farm bill may have less choices to choose from than it would have two months ago.

My fears are many and is the current farm leadership up to the task of looking out for the best interest of the farming and ranching community within the current political reality?

What is your plan B for your operation?


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