012 Government regulations and lawsuits


TMDL – Total Maximum Daily Limits – EPA and others are using TMDLs to limit farmingFarm And Ranch Country activity in the Chesapeake Bay area.  Will this be coming to your watershed? Mississippi River has been on the list of environmentalists for years.  EPA administrator Lisa Jackson following a visit to Iowa said no direct regulations were needed.  Is this just Iowa Presidential politics? Many do not trust EPA and the current administration.   Will agriculture really be exempted?  My guess is if Obama gets a second term the Mississippi will be regulated big time just like the Chesapeake.

Ethanol will the subsidies last?  I think these subsidies will expire when they are scheduled to and will not be renewed.  This will not be the end of ethanol.  With high gas prices it will still be made, but will oil companies continue to put it in there product. Do I think this is penny wise and pound foolish, yes.  $7 corn, food inflation, both the right and left of the political spectrum are against it, just too much going against and not enough for ethanol right now.  Corn farmers need to start planning that this could go away now.  I know all the arguments for ethanol, but it does not really matter right now, perception not fact is what is driving this.  For the record I support Ethanol, but  does that really matter.

National Wildlife Federation is suing EPA in federal court for ” failing to enforce laws that protect imperiled grasslands from destructive and unnecessary agricultural development”.  Not only corn for ethanol, but biomass also.  They say this policy will destroy “native grasslands”.  I say I can plant prairie grass and in 5 years you will not know whether it is 5 years old or 100.

Wildlife groups have sued in the past and will continue to sue if they do not get their socialist ways in many areas including the farm bill.  Agriculture needs to get used to the fact if these groups can not get their way through the legislative process or administratively they will sue in Federal Court to try and get their way.

Is the real goal here to REGULATE ALL PRIVATE LAND?????

EPA issued controversial “guidelines” on waters in the United States.  They want to regulate your grass waterways.  Administration says agriculture is exempted, but are we?

Opening up CRP to an early out.  Do not worry wildlife groups will sue to stop that also.

Is Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack heading to Iowa State as President of that University?  Don’t know, but his wife is running for Congress from Iowa.

Farm Bill needs to be completed sooner rather than later.  Is the Senate on a faster track than the House?

Budget cuts and the Farm Bill? $178 billion over 10 years to meet house budget goals.

Would you raise the debt limit?  Many if not almost all your rural neighbors would not.

And finally a weak dollar, do we need to get used to it?

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