011 – 2012 Farm Bill – Farmer’s Choice Bill


A lot has changed since the last Farm Bill was passed.  Politics, commodity prices, input Farm And Ranch Countrycosts, tea party, global economics, US budget deficit, have all changed.

So how do we get a new farm bill?

1. Give farmers choices

2. Free and fair markets

3. Less regulatory burdens

Farmers and farm groups need to acknowledge the rules in Washington have changed.

Farmers need to manage a multitude of risks.  More than almost any other business.  Agriculture either gets help to manage this risk or over the long term food prices will cost more.  US has had 80 years of a cheap food policy.  Support floors in the past tend to become price ceilings.

Farmers choice Farm Bill.  Let farmers choose which one of several programs they will use to manage risk.  Only one program can be used per cropland acre. I would give farmers 6 choices to choose from.  I would eliminate several programs.

To bring greater efficiencies and less confusion to farm programs we need to combine FSA and NRCS.  I would keep the guaranteed portion of the farm loan program with FSA, but would send the direct program to the Farm Credit System.  Do a top to bottom review of Rural Development, but I would not send any of those programs to the Small Business Administration.

Farmers Choice Farm Bill

Consolidate and reform USDA

Eliminate some programs


More Freedom

More Opportunity

Ultimately More Profit Potential


  1. Steve Connelly said:

    Great podcast. Hope all is well. A suggestion for a future topic would be EPA’s Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) scheme to reduce nutient loading of the Chesapeake Bay. If successful, it will be visiting the midwest soon. It is bad for production Ag.

    April 19, 2011
  2. Bill Graff said:

    Thanks for the comments. It sure does look to me that if EPA is successful in the Chesapeake then the Mississippi River is next. Good bye to fall applied nitrogen? We do not have the infrastructure to put all the nitrogen fertilizer on in the spring. I guess they do not count all the deer depositing their stuff in the rivers as bad? Maybe I should not mention that it could count against agriculture. I will honor the request and do a pod cast on TMDL, EPA, ANPC, etc. or as I like to say all the alphabet soup we know of.
    I also planned to do one on dust. May be combined or separate.

    April 20, 2011

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