098- Current Events In Agriculture


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Farming Current Eventsworld grain markets

This podcast is about what is currently going on in the world and how it is affecting agriculture.

It touches on the Middle East, Ukraine, South China Sea, immigration, and how the United States just seems to not be able to get along with itself.  The agricultural markets are mentioned and just how this summer the whole world seems to be slipping into chaos.  Military cutbacks, the BRICS nations wanting to start their own bank and the economic doldrums with the employment situation thrown in.

Is it the leadership or lack of it in Washington D.C. or is it just us.  And most important how does this affect everybody in agriculture.

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097 – United States no longer the World’s Leader?


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Has the United States went from being the undisputed World leader to just one of the “boys”??????

Did we give it away or has others worked to take it away.

Who is the competition now?

I look at several things that looks to me we are fading away from being the World’s leader.

Many would say that is a good thing.  Both inside and outside this country.  From liberals who view most things about America as to being “bad”, to enemies who want us to fail.

Sit back, listen and enjoy.

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096 – Ukraine, Russia, China


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So why all the fuss about Ukraine?

Why is Putin doing what he is doing?

BRICSHow does this affect American agriculture?

What is a bi-polar versus a uni-polar world?

Blame America first crowd is now firmly in control of many of the administration’s policies.

How/why does China fit in all this?

What is happening in the far western Pacific between China, Japan, Philippines, and other countries?

What is or are the BRICS?

Natural resources and the ability to get them at a reasonable cost?

Why do our allies not even trust us now?

The world is at a very dangerous crossroads right now and this does and will affect American agriculture.  We export so much of what we produce and import a lot of our inputs, so this all could just blow up.

Does this somewhat resemble what happened at the beginning of the last century when the whole world seemed to go to war?

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095 – 2014 Farm Bill additions and other topics


Update on the Farm Bill

I have some additional thoughts on the farm bill I share.

Other topicsMicro Brewery

California Drought

Trade talks with Japan

Micro Breweries and distillers grains

GMOs in Hawaii

Bundy Cattle stand off

Keystone Pipeline

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FARM Bill presentation to Realtors Land Institute -094


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I was asked to do a Farm Bill presentation to the Illinois Chapter of the Realtors Land Institute.  The audience was realtors and farm managers.  To book me to speak to your group, head over to my speaker page.

Bill Graff Farm Bill Bill Graff Farm Bill presentationI discuss what options I will take on my farms, unless FSA rules are much different then the legislation.  Speaking of which it does not really matter how we read the farm bill legislation.  It is how FSA, USDA lawyers, OMB and Justice Department lawyers interpret the rules.  FSA has the gold, so the golden rule applies, they write and enforce the rules.

There will be many “experts” out there doing all kinds of presentations, but until the FSA final rules come out we all are really just playing in the ballpark maybe just not on the diamond.

I talk about my experiences in implementing 2 farm bills and how this can all shake out.  Topics that I cover are the farm program choices, what I think I will do on my farm, and some of the pitfalls to be aware of.

I discuss crop insurance changes, conservation compliance, adjusted gross income.  One biggie is the need to secure landowner signatures to many of these documents.  Overall this farm bill should be very good for production agriculture.

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